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Neighborhood Garage Door Lemont, IL 630-634-0339Most of the door’s weight is taken up by springs, making them susceptible to wear and damage. Broken springs, if not replaced at once, can create a potential threat to your life and your property as well. That is why, you must call the professionals to give your garage door springs a check and determine whether or not your garage door springs are in proper condition. If not, they can tighten, repair or replace them as necessary.

Vast experience, the right technique and the know-how of garage doors, are three things that every technician should possess. Springs must be selected based on the weight, size and other situational requirements of the door. There are some cases, wherein a technician may fail to fit the springs perfectly, which can end in serious consequences as time passes. That is why, we always suggest professional garage door experts such as those at Neighborhood Garage Door who have been providing the Lemont, IL community with best service for years and can handle any issues pertaining to garage door springs with ease.

All of our garage door products are of the best quality and they all guarantee durability and safe operation. Our customers can select from two types of spring mechanisms according to their needs and budget:

Torsion springs

New age torsion springs are more advanced than extension springs and are commonly considered to be a lot more safe and more reliable. The robust mechanism of this system sprouts from its unique working system. As the door gets raised, the spring gets unwound, channeling its energy to the cables which heaves the doors up. The added security provided by this mechanism is due to the cables which are able to hold up the door even after the spring breaks down.

For this particular reason, torsion springs are greatly used on all types of garage doors, be it a simple single car residential garage door that has less than two springs in it or a heavier one, an industrial garage door where multitude of springs are used. However, the number, type and size of the spring can be determined only by a skilled expert. So do consult with Neighborhood Garage Door and get these high-tension durable springs installed.

Extension springs

Extension springs have a great load handling capacity. When the door gets closed, the spring stays in its usual expanded position but then contracts when the door is raised. Such springs are worked with heavy tension and must not be handled by individuals with no experience. If a damaged spring snaps during operation, it can release its stored energy and can cause damage to you or the people around you, not to mention your property.

Although these are quite inexpensive, extension springs require a great number of regular maintenance checkups to assure you proper functionality at all times. With Neighborhood Garage Door, you will get a complete solution for all your spring maintenance, repairs and replacement concerns.